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We welcomes all who are willing to explore religion and spirituality without fear. Radical views and contemporary concerns are debated, traditional doctrines and practices are questioned in order to renew or reject them. Is available to people of all beliefs or of no belief who are searching for and wanting to practice a new kind of open-minded, open hearted faith. *Spirituality can be defined as a sensitivity to the things of the human spirit such as caring , justice, beauty and truth.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SOF 2006 Conference at Marton

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This is Marshall House where most of us stayed.It was very comfortable indeed.My room was right opposite Don Cupitt but I never saw him there at all,unfortunately.

This is the Main Building of Wellington Diocesan School for Girls (Nga Tawa), where we registered and some of the lectures were held. It was built in about 1926. The main lectures were held in the Hall.

The Chapel beautifully built of face brick, with the foundation stone being laid in 1929

Inside taken from the gallery

Bill Cooke, Senior Lecturer,School of Visual Arts, Auckland, delivering his Keynote lecture entitled 'The Fatal Flaw in Religious Liberalism and How to Avoid it'............The fatal flaw consists in the undetermined cut-off point for open ended study when a religious liberal has to draw a line in the sand and say" I can go no further." Where is the cut-off point where rational inquiry ends and either submission to dogma or lapsing into mysticism begins?.........At which point does the Christian liberal say,"I have abandoned all those items of dogma,but in order to retain some semblance of meaning to the word 'Christian',I will retain a belief in this,that,or the other."

The Three Main Keynote Speakers, Don Cupitt, Bill Cooke, and David Tracey,Associate Professor at School of Communication,Arts and Critical Enquiry at La Trobe University, Melbourne. His Lecture was entitled "After Disbelief: Remythologising and Spiritual Renewal"

Noel Cheer being congratulated by Don Cupitt on receiving Life Membership. Also present Lloyd Geering and Bill Cook sitting. The first three now being Life Members.


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