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We welcomes all who are willing to explore religion and spirituality without fear. Radical views and contemporary concerns are debated, traditional doctrines and practices are questioned in order to renew or reject them. Is available to people of all beliefs or of no belief who are searching for and wanting to practice a new kind of open-minded, open hearted faith. *Spirituality can be defined as a sensitivity to the things of the human spirit such as caring , justice, beauty and truth.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hawke’s Bay Group

Our next meeting will be: Sunday,20 August at 3.30 - 5.00pm at the Hawke's Bay Club cnr. Marine Parade and Browning St, Napier (Browning St. entrance)

$2 per person to cover expenses

Cynthia Buckland will chair the meeting.

Topic; Population Surge. The speaker will be Athol Buckland retired District Commissioner of the Ministry of Works and Development, Napier, and former lay preacher in the Methodist Church and latterly member of the St. Colombas Presbyterian Church, Havelock North.
Following a trip to Russia and Eastern Europe in 1985 with the National Council of Churches led by the Rev. Don Brash, Athol was convinced of the relevancy of his growing awareness of the demise of traditional Christianity. An awareness that began in his American and European trip in 1966 for the N.Z Roads Federation. Along with others he admits to feeling helpless in the current surge of humanity; but has a couple of facts which could spark a new way of thinking.

How can we hope to understand our world if we do not know how it came to be what it is.

"My Faith Journey, Where I am at now”. A contribution for this meeting is needed. If you are willing to contribute please ring Cynthia at O6- 8776066

Remember it’s a safe place to say unsafe things. .


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