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We welcomes all who are willing to explore religion and spirituality without fear. Radical views and contemporary concerns are debated, traditional doctrines and practices are questioned in order to renew or reject them. Is available to people of all beliefs or of no belief who are searching for and wanting to practice a new kind of open-minded, open hearted faith. *Spirituality can be defined as a sensitivity to the things of the human spirit such as caring , justice, beauty and truth.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Three Questions

1. Don Cupitt reckons that all the world's major religions need to make a fresh start. Whereas once God controlled every part of our lives, now people have to take responsibility for how they live. There is no supernatural, no hell "below" or heaven "above". This world is all we have. What is your response?
2. Do we need creeds which tell us what to believe? if not, should we feel free to work out for ourselves how we should live godly lives?
3. If you attend a local church, is there anything that you would like to see changed? Would Sea of Fatih thinking, e.g. about God, about life after death, about the Bible, be acceptable?


Blogger mygaia said...

Question 3.
I don't see how the church could hold together without a belief in a supernatural personal God

10:49 PM  

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